Smithtown Bridge Studio

22 Lawrence AveDuplicate Bridge
Smithtown NYACBL-affiliated
(631) 360-8456

Join Carol, Sue, and their friends (below right) for a fun game of bridge.

If you need a partner,come down 15 minutes before game time, or give us a call and we will try to find you one. We are located in downtown Smithtown: directions.


Join in our new Friday pool...GUESS YOUR SCORE. The pair who guess their percentage score (the pair closest to the decimal score, in case of a tie) will win the pool. If no pair guess correctly, the money will accumulate until someone wins. Entry to the pool is $.50. All pool money collected remains in the pool until we have a winner!

If nobody guesses their score on Friday, the money accumulates!!!

Friday, September 15 is PIZZA Day (and pool day). Be sure to make a reservation. Pizza and bridge...THE BEST!!
CAKE FRIDAY IS SEPTEMBER 29. Come in and, as a bonus to bridge, taste all the wonderful home-baked cakes made by our members. Reservations please.

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends who helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary on Friday! It was a great party! Our players are what make our club so special. Love you all! Carol and a Susan ❤️❤️

Carol & Sue