Smithtown Bridge Studio

22 Lawrence AveDuplicate Bridge
Smithtown NYACBL-affiliated
(631) 360-8456

Join Carol, Sue, and their friends (below right) for a fun game of bridge. We play duplicate bridge 7 days a week (schedule), including lessons on Wednesday night.

If you need a partner,come down 15 minutes before game time, or give us a call and we will try to find you one. We are located in downtown Smithtown: directions.

CHECK OUR CALENDAR FOR NAP GAMES. Red points at the club!

Congratulations to Nancy Buonora and Marianne of our first pool.

Friday, July 28 is "Let Them Eat Cake" day. Many players are making cakes, and providing recipes. Will be lots of fun. Be sure to join us. Extra points game.

Watch for our new Friday pool, beginning in August. GUESS YOUR SCORE. The pair who guess their percentage score (the pair closest to the decimal score, in case of a tie) will win the pool. If no pair guess correctly, the money will accumulate until someone wins. Entry to the pool is $.50. All pool money collected remains in the pool until we have a winner!

Thank you so much to our wonderful friends who helped us celebrate our 25th anniversary on Friday! It was a great party! Our players are what make our club so special. Love you all! Carol and a Susan ❤️❤️

Carol & Sue